Elmshade Glass by Paula Garille


Altitude Gallery proudly represents Paula Garille from Uxbridge, Massachusetts.
Read on to learn about the artist's inspiration and artistic journey.


Artist Bio

Paula Garille is from Uxbridge, MA and has been working with glass for about 45 years. While many years were spent creating stained glass pieces, she starting working with fused glass nearly 20 years ago.

Paula loves the blending and building of glass to create a final piece. Her work varies from contemporary to abstract and everything in between. Lots of ideas for her glass work are inspired by nature.

All of Paula's pieces are created using hand-cut compatible fusing glass. She often uses chips of glass or pulverized glass (called frit) within her pieces. After the design is created and set-up, it is then kiln-fired to 1400* - 1500*F. It is then slumped into shape and cold-worked if applicable.

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Paula Garille Elmshade Glass