Abby Pittman


Altitude Gallery proudly represents Abby Pittman from Ogden, Utah.
Read on to learn about the artist's inspiration and artistic journey.


Artist Bio

My passions for the outdoors and animals have driven me since childhood. Life gets so busy that we sometimes forget the beauty around us and the grace, strength, and characters of wild and domesticated animals. I hope my paintings will remind people to slow down, notice the little details, and appreciate the amazing world we live in and the incredible creatures who share the earth with us.

My Inspiration

I've been blessed with both a global viewpoint and love for home. Until the age of 16, my family lived overseas in Singapore, China, and Puerto Rico. My love for vibrant colors, world travel, and bustling cities was balanced with my love for rural, small-town America when my parents purchased Shadow Mountain Ranch in Montana in 2000. We spent our summers there, and my days were filled exploring the mountains, valleys, and rivers near our home by horseback.

When we permanently relocated to the tiny town of Wilsall, MT in 2009 for my last two years of high school (graduating class of 18 people!), my passion for nature, wildlife, and horses only deepened. Life revolved around my horses, and their grace, beauty, and strength never ceased to amaze me. Though I love all animals great and small, the connection I have with horses remains one of the most profound and influential experiences of my life.

My Style

Growing up, my nickname was “flower child” because of my love for bright colors and wild patterns. My painting style reflects the same preferences to this day through my bold color choices, layered brushstrokes, and "messy beautiful" depictions of nature and wildlife. Specifically, I focus on the landscapes and animals of Montana, the American West, and North America. I name every animal painting with an alliteration that helps bring the unique creature to life.

Preserving their environment and their lives amidst the ever-expanding development is crucial, and I hope to bring more awareness to the need for preservation of lands, natural habitats, and all of the animals who belong here.

My Life

Montana will always keep a piece of my heart, and I split my time between my parents' ranch and my home outside of Salt Lake City, where I live with my husband TJ (also a painter) and our two fur-babies. My greatest passions are my Lord and Savior, singing, riding my horses, kissing any animal that crosses my path, and deep personal relationships.

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