Shiny Rainbow Earrings
Shiny Rainbow Earrings

Shiny Rainbow Earrings

Artist: April Hale Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? Sure, they can be explained scientifically as light refracted through drops of water, but aren’t they really just magic, pure and simple? A magical reminder that such ephemeral beauty, created by something as elemental as light passing through water, can be found hiding in plain sight. A reminder not to take for granted the simple joy and pleasure of just existing as a tiny part of such an amazing universe.

These shiny rainbows, made from recycled sterling silver, brass, and copper, can help remind you to find the beauty in your day and in yourself. 

All jewelry is handmade from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials.

They measure approximately 1 5/8" long by 7/8" wide and hang on handmade recycled sterling silver ear wires.

Due to the nature of handmade objects, the item you receive will vary slightly from the photograph.

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