Crosscut Post Earrings
Crosscut Post Earrings

Crosscut Post Earrings

Artist: April Hale

When a tree is crosscut, the life lines of that tree are revealed. These beautiful circular patterns contain the history of the tree as well as the history of the landscape where the tree lived. The rings are larger when the conditions are good for growth, with abundant sun and rain, thinner when there is prolonged drought or disease. These crosscut sections of tree also reveal scars, fire history, and growth patterns.

I live near and run in a forest that was logged long ago, on old logging roads and skid trails. The forest has grown back, and while I enjoy the beauty, quiet, and solitude of the landscape, there are old stumps that remind me of the history of human use. I also cut and burn dead wood from this forest to heat my home. Being surrounded by these artifacts of humans interacting with the forest, I am both reminded of how much we rely on the earth and the forest, and I am also reminded of the intrinsic beauty of trees.

These earrings honor that relationship and beauty. Made entirely by hand from reclaimed sterling silver, each earring is as unique as an individual tree. The earrings are approximately 9/32 inch in diameter (that’s just less than 3/8”) with 3/8” long posts.

All jewelry is handmade from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials. Due to the nature of handmade objects, the item you receive will vary slightly from the photograph.

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