Matt Firth


Altitude Gallery proudly represents the late Matt Firth from Twisp, Washington.
Read on to learn about the artist's inspiration and artistic journey.


Artist Bio

Growing up on the eastern slope of the North Cascades, Matt Firth spent over three decades hiking and skiing throughout its complex geography and geology. It's a landscape that's at once striking and subtle, one that he grew to know intimately and love deeply. When he began making jewelry 25 years ago, it was almost inevitable that the mountain scenery that he loved so much would find its way into his work. It was his hope that a little bit of that inspiration would find its way into each piece of jewelry that he made.

In Memoriam

It is with love and sadness that we share the news of Matt Firth's passing in June 2022. Matt shared his love of the outdoors through his jewelry and his numerous trips into the backcountry with friends and family. We are grateful for the many years we got to work with Matt and swap ski stories with him while representing his beautiful work in downtown Bozeman.

Before Matt's passing, he trained and sold his mountain jewelry line to Brad Harris of MTN Surf Designs. Brad is still creating Matt's beloved designs while continuously adding new designs to this lovely line of handmade jewelry. Brad is forever grateful to his mentor and friend and continues to invoke a love of the outdoors in each piece he creates.

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