Kaleidoscope Pottery by Evelyn Snyder


Altitude Gallery proudly represents Evelyn Snyder from Easthampton, Massachusetts.
Read on to learn about the artist's inspiration and artistic journey.


Artist Bio

Kaleidoscope Pottery in Easthampton, Massachusetts is owned and operated by Evelyn Snyder with a lot of help from Anna Kubasek. Evelyn started in 1992 as assistant to original founder Kathy Hibshman and then-partners Barry Schechter, Peter Feitner, and Christy Knox.

The original studio was begun in Vermont circa 1978, by Kathy. Barry and Kathy moved the studio to Massachusetts and were joined in the 80's by Peter and Christy. Kathy and Barry retired around 1993 and Christy and Peter moved on to other pursuits around 1998. Christy started her own pottery business, Natural Elements, around this time.

In addition to Anna Kubasek, we have gotten much help from Leah Hughes over many years, and assistance from other assistants, friends, family, and our neighbors at One Cottage Street where our studio is located. We strive to make pottery inspired by the natural world.

Our pottery is made from stoneware and holds up to every day use. ​Our goal is to live a good life while making pottery in a way that keeps us happy. 

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