James Weikert

James Philip Weikert is an oil painter and architectural designer living and working in Bozeman, Montana.  He was born in Florida in 1977, but he and his family soon moved to a small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This rural environment allowed him the opportunity to spend countless hours exploring the surrounding forests, lakes, and rivers.
James attended Norwich University in central Vermont, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture and Minor in Art. It was while at Norwich University that James first developed an interest in oil painting. Drawing on his background in architecture and love of the outdoors, he created a painting style that blended elements taken from both the built and natural environment. Most of his early work is a reflection of the New England landscapes he grew up in.
After spending several years living near the New Hampshire seacoast, James moved to Montana in the fall of 2003.  His work was immediately influenced by the dramatic landscapes of the northern Rocky Mountains.  This new inspiration compelled James to focus on improving and progressing his technique in the hopes of becoming a full-time artist. He recently completed the Montana Artrepreneur Program (MAP) to gain a better understanding of how to grow a sustainable art business. 
In addition to a full time job in architecture, James currently maintains a studio space at The Foundry, a cooperative studio and gallery space in Bozeman, Montana. His work can be found in a growing number of galleries and shops throughout Montana and the western states.

My connection with the natural world began in the rural environment of my youth in northern New Hampshire.  Now in the Rocky Mountains, my work continues to be inspired by exploring and experiencing both the built and natural world in which I interact with. During my creative process I transform memories of my explorations from snapshots of static landscapes into living, moving compositions. A background in architecture helps give me a unique perspective of the forms, colors, and patterns present within the places I visit. I incorporate these elements into my paintings to create bold interpretations of familiar landscapes.

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