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Altitude Gallery proudly represents Dennis Kirkland from Bellingham, Washington.
Read on to learn about the artist's inspiration and artistic journey.


Artist Bio

Since the late 1960s my primary recreational interests have been outdoor activities. Mountaineering, backpacking and white water rafting trips have allowed me to experience and develop an appreciation for the natural world. I started taking photographs as a way to document and record the beauty of the places I visited.

In the mid 1990s photography started becoming more important to me. Now my goal with photography is to enjoy the experience of being in the natural world and try to capture the essence of special places and creatures on film.

I also enjoy creating abstract, impressionist, or unusual images by using techniques such as multiple exposure, reflections, and taking pictures of images in water drops. Photography is my passion. I love the excitement of seeing a grand landscape when the light is just right, or observing wildlife, and especially in looking for the small interesting details of nature up close. When the lighting is mediocre, and the wildlife are nowhere to be seen, I can spend hours taking pictures of flowers, insects, images in dew drops, or interesting patterns.

After spending most of my life in the Seattle area, I retired In December 2000 and moved to the Methow Valley in North Central Washington and recently relocated to Bellingham where I live with my wife, Mary Ann. I now spend most of my time pursuing photography and enjoying the outdoor recreational activities that this area has to offer.

These photographs were taken as they actually occurred and were not digitally created.

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