Crepuscular Ray Earrings

Crepuscular Ray Earrings

Artist: April Hale

Crepuscular is a somewhat obscure word that means “relating to twilight,” and crepuscular rays are those streaks of light that occur, often just after sunset, when clouds or mountains partially obscure the sun’s rays. Those dramatic and awe-inspiring rays of light are what inspire these earrings. Forged and oxidized recycled sterling silver and brass are combined to create abstracted dark clouds and bright rays which dangle lightly from handmade oxidized sterling silver earwires.

These lightweight earrings measure approximately 2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide.

All jewelry is handmade from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials. Due to the nature of handmade objects, the item you receive will vary slightly from the photograph.

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