Theresa Gong

I specialize in wheel-thrown functional porcelain with finely carved slip design. After forming my pottery on a potter's wheel, I use a variety of etching techniques (scraffito) with stains and colored slips to create my intricate designs. All my pottery is finished with a hard durable, glossy glaze and fired in an electric kiln to around 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. My designs are created around natural themes with floral, fish, insect and animal motifs . My style originated from the rich, timeless grace of my Asian heritage and my inspiration is continually nurtured by the Montana landscape."

My work centers around the rhythm of a simple revolving wheel and focuses on endless patterns and natural motifs. Pottery is a way of life that has provides me a place of equilibrium and quiet introspection.

Theresa has been a potter in Montana since 1979 and exhibits in galleries and art fairs throughout the Western states and Northeast. After graduating from the University of California in Sociology, her travels in Asia sparked her interest in the Ceramic Arts. During the 1980's to 2012 she owned and operated several art galleries in Billings. She enjoys hiking in the foothills and canoeing the rivers to hunt agates. Her studio is in Shepherd, MT where she lives with her family in the house they built overlooking the Yellowstone River.

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