Diane Quarles

The Studio

Our art glass studio specializes in fused art glass impressionism created through the application of crushed and/or powdered glass applied in layers and fired at varying temperatures to achieve desired effects. From frit painted wall panels to dimensional glass sculpture, our work focuses on rich color, dimensional texture and the brilliance of refracted light.

Aspen Light Glass is designed and produced exclusively by Diane Quarles using all Bullseye Glass and all made in the US.

Artist Statement

The arrangement of glass to capture and manipulate natural sunlight has opened a window into my mind's eye in how I view the world around me. Much like grains of sand on a beach or a drifting cloud in the sky, I have found a sense of purpose, place and order through the interpretation of glass and its ever-changing interaction with light.

Artist Biography

Each year on Easter Sunday, Diane would visit the First Presbyterian Church in Brenham, Texas with her grandparents. The church, built in the late 1800s, was simple and unsophisticated in its whitewashed clapboard siding and aged-oak pews, reminiscent of its early German heritage. In all its simplicity however, the church was always filled with a complex, heavenly light from the antique stained glass leaded windows. This childhood experience created a passion for manipulated light in glass that continues to influence her life's work today.

Diane took up stained glass and oil painting as a hobby during college in Texas. She continued working as a hobbyist until her retirement from city planning in 2007. In 2008, she decided to become a glass artist professionally and established Aspen Light Glass Studio, while expanding her work to include kiln-formed glass. In 2013, Ms. Quarles opened her first glass studio in Ridgway, Colorado and recently relocated to a larger studio in Rico, Colorado where she now masters in glass frit, dimensional glass and powdered glass palette knife paintings exclusively.

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