Claire Kleese

Claire Rose Kleese is a Montana born artist/illustrator who grew up in the beautiful Bitterroot valley. Having lived in Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon and after college travelled the world, she returned home to Montana in 2012 and now lives in Bozeman where she works as an independent artist and designer. For years she has been creating original prints, commissioned artwork for private residential and commercial collections, public artworks for the State of Montana, business logo design, album artwork, custom invitations, and event posters. Her style of artwork involves intricate freehand pieces created with india and prism ink on watercolor paper. Time spent in the outdoors and a passion for music are influential elements displayed throughout her work. Reminiscent of Japanese wood block with Scandinavian influences, her unique intense detailed ink sketches are focused on the environment. “To me, detail is where beauty resides. I try to convey the message to slow down and enjoy the small intricate elements. Each line serves a purpose to the greater image. To me this is a dialogue of the environment for which we live. Living, exploring and traveling to beautiful spaces provide constant inspiration that I hope to share in my artworks.” When not creating artwork, Claire enjoys writing/playing folk music in town, backcountry skiing, climbing, running the trails, and fly fishing the lovely rivers.

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